Trusting a supplier and being assured of the authenticity of a product is a major concern for consumers when looking to buy online. Traders also worry about the authenticity of the products they are selling when being purchased through global supply chains.

Intertek has signed a “Memo of Understanding” to support their Trust Mark scheme through our Verification Product Authenticity service giving those in the e-commerce industry the assurance they need for their supply chain.

The purpose of the Trust Mark scheme is to make Hong Kong a trusted port in Asia to enhance consumer confidence encouraging them to shop globally and increase global digital trade.

Intertek’s Verification of Product Authenticity service provides brands and trade companies with an electronically chipped label which stores all merchant and product information enabling product authenticity proofing and product traceability.

By simply using their smart phone and tapping the label Consumers can retrieve.

  • Brand and Product information
  • Importer and exporter information
  • Country of origin